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TitleTom and Jerry / Thursday Night
For theme of the month March 2023 - tunes beginning with 'T'.

I learned "Tom and Jerry" from the manuscript collection of Richard Pyle of Nether Wallop, Hants (1808-1880) A book and CD of selected tunes from this source were published in 2006 under the name "Hampshire Dance Tunes". It's full of good tunes, several of which I adopted for the ceilidh band I played in at the time. As it happens, the ABC below was transcribed from Jackson of Wyresdale (1823), but it's the same tune.

I learned "Thursday Night" from a musician friend in the early 1980s and know very little about its origins. There are numerous copies of an ABC file of it on various web sites, but no clear attribution is given. They are all in the key of A, but I've transposed it to G here. I have hardly played it at all for decades then, and only thought of putting the two together for this video today, but I think they have promise as a new dance band set.

WhoAnahata (melodeon)
VideoYouTube video