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Mary Humphreys and Anahata

Traditional English Folk Music

Sharp Practice

Sharp Practice

Rarities and Renovations from the English Tradition

Wild Goose WGS312CD

Launched in July 2003, Sharp Practice is from English traditional music record label Wild Goose records.

Four songs are from Cecil Sharp's own collections, hence the title. Many of Mary's songs have been pieced together from mixed sources (so maybe that's the real reason for the title!). Some have never been recorded before, and even the familar titles may not be the versions you expect but they are all from traditional sources.

Anahata has contributed some cracking English dance tunes from the 17th century to the present day, in arrangements ranging from solo melodeon to full band.

The album features:

  • Mary Humphreys vocals, banjo, English concertina, piano
  • Anahata melodeons, anglo concertina, cello
  • Dave Holland fiddle
  • Gina Holland flute, recorder

How to Buy a Copy

You can buy a copy online right now if you have a UK credit or debit card. Buy CDs Online

Sharp Practice is also available in the usual outlets at folk festivals, and from high street shops that carry traditional English folk music. New reduced price (because we're on a repeat pressing now) £10.00

See Wild Goose Ordering page for details of overseas purchasing.
You can also buy direct from us at our gigs, of course.


"This CD is a real treasure. Exquisite in every detail..."
David Kidman Full Review on the Netrhythms web site.


  1. The Mermaid + Marmalade Polka xmermaid.mp3
  2. No my Love not I (when Fishes Fly) xfishes.mp3
  3. Jenny Bell Polka + Carrion Crow
  4. India War + Jack's Health xjack.mp3
  5. Barb'ry Ellen
  6. Dunmow Galumph + Danbury Hill
  7. Young Banker + Rosie xbanker.mp3
  8. Sheath and Knife
  9. Marsden Hornpipe + London Hornpipe + Stoney Steps xmarsden.mp3
  10. Pride of the Season xpride.mp3
  11. Windsor Tarrass + Mississippi Mud xwindsor.mp3
  12. Spotted Cow
  13. Waltz for the Veleta + Faithful Sailor Boy xfaithful.mp3
The MP3 links are very short (15-30 second) extracts.