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TitleSt Piran Furry
Uploaded on St Piran's Day (5 March), celebrating the patron saint of Cornwall. A big event is being held in Penzance featuring local children dancing in the streets, almost certainly to this tune, which was written by Roger Pinsent.
We hope to be playing this with other musicians in the Bacca Pipes Folk Club in Keighley on Friday. We must thank one of them - Mike Hockenhull - for unearthing and sending us the dots for the tune, which were quite hard to find.
Several Bacca Pipes Folk Club residents go for a holiday in Cornwall for a week in June every year, a tradition that has continued for decades, so we feel a strong connection with the county.

Tune by Roger Pinsent
Three part arrangement by Anahata

WhoMary (English Concertina) Anahata (D/G melodeon, cello)
VideoYouTube video