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TitleI'll Touzle your Kerchie
Played for theme of the month in November 2016: jigs in a minor key. I'd already done most minor keys jigs I knew, then I found this in my huge and untidy collection of printed tunes. Spellilns vary (Kerchie/Kurchy etc.)

Melodeon players watch out for the descending bass lines, not played quite the same way each time.

Note on the title, in response to a YouTube comment from a french melodeon player:

As far as I can tell, old English "tousle" meaning "make untidy" and "kerchy", short for "kerchief" which is a square piece of cloth used as a head scarf. The tune has an alternative title "Rustic Courtship", which suggests that the title means rather more than it says...

WhoAnahata (melodeon)
VideoYouTube video