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Mary Humphreys and Anahata

Traditional English Folk Music

Floating Verses

Floating Verses

Recycled and Reclaimed verses from the English Tradition

Wild Goose WGS322CD

Wild Goose records.

Some of the songs on this album contain verses recycled from other songs - so-called "floating verses" and when Mary noticed that one of them ("Waly Waly") seems to be all floating verses suddenly we realised we had a name for the album and a theme for the cover.

  • Dave Holland: fiddle
  • Gina Holland: recorder
  • Chris Amos: guitar


  1. Green Grows the Laurel
  2. Darling Boy (I wish I had never known)
  3. Geld Him, Lasses geld him / Hornpipe by Purcell
  4. Cambridge May Song
  5. Turtle Dove
  6. Maid Freed from the Gallows (Prickleye Bush)
  7. The Willow Tree (O take me to your arms love)
  8. Sportman's Hornpipe/Radstock/Whitefryers Hornpipe
  9. Searching for Lambs
  10. Fair Margaret & Sweet William
  11. Hares on the Mountain
  12. Waly Waly
  13. Blow the Candles Out
  14. Harliquin Air/Tom Fowler's Hornpipe
  15. If I was a Blackbird


It doesn't come any better than this
Keith Kendrick

I've been playing it over and over...
Mike Harding

At least 30% recycled...