Music and Recordings for Mary and Anahata's Workshop in Norwich on 13 April, 2019

All the tunes: music notation

Morning session and Anahata's afternoon workshop

ABC notation in case you want to edit and re-use in any way.
If you've never heard of ABC, look here to find out all about it.

PDF ready to download and print.

Harmony Workshop Tunes

PDF file to download and print. These are the source of the printed copies that you had at the workshop.


Harmony Workshop

All the harmony workshop tunes and parts on a separate page.

Hot Punch and Hogmanay

Hot Punch and Hogmanay (Anahata on YouTube)

A Russian March / Sustead Schottische

This is from "Out Of Reach", part of a studio recording of some Cambridgeshire session regulars, which we made into a CD and sold to raise £5000 for Cancer Research. (it sold out, there aren't any more CDs!)

Cuckoo's Nest

Cuckoo's Nest from Laurence Leadley. Mary and Anahata on YouTube. Played in C here. The ABC and PDF files above have the tune in both the original key of G and in C as we play it here, and also the harmony part that we are playing.

Royals Quickstep

Recorded by Mary and Anahata for another workshop we did some time ago.